Pumped In For Your Pleasure

The desert flower waits for months to bloom. Forgive me, great spirit of agua: We rolled into a desert oasis grimy with the soot of snow removal after sliding sideways out of a Flagstaff snowstorm at 7,000 feet. Through a half-wiped windshild we searched for a full-body skin treatment for our car. First came the pink elephant, and we passed by, not sure why. On the next corner we saw the sign: Free car wash. Well all right! Pulling into Quick Quack we asked, “What’s the catch?” “No catch,” the attendant replied. “It’s our thank you for your business.” “Even if we’re from out of town?” “Everybody’s from out of town,” she said. “Well, all right.”

And the desert waits patiently for the rain. Then the cactus flower will bloom.

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