The Road By Gads Hill

Boarding a railroad car at Gads Hill, Missouri, Frank James quoted Shakespeare, announcing to startled passengers his gang’s intent to rob them. Just the rich, mind you. Not the working poor, with calloused hands. No women. No children. The Bard … Read More

Finding Grubville

We—my car and I—drove through Frumet, over Flucom Creek, past Tanglefoot and Melzo, Horine and Old Ditch. We crossed Skullbone Creek, and passed the ghosts of Moontown School, Mothershead School and the old Saint Joseph Hill Infirmary for Aged and … Read More

Have a seat.

I wasn’t going to make it home in time, so I walked into a bar on Main Street, St. Charles, to watch the game on TV. Of the thousands of restaurants, clubs and bars I’ve visited, this one had the … Read More

Looney Creek

It’s a peaceful spot to rest in eternity.  Surrounded by forest between Bethel and Emden, Looney Creek Cemetery may have a longer future than the crumbling Old Brick Church, the ambassador for these bones. Frank Drake is buried here. A … Read More

A Drive Thru Jeff City’s Past

We had a busy day. Missouri Transit delivered my grandkids in time for us to scamper across the bridge to eat breakfast at Tremain’s.  We watched passengers arrive on an Ozark Airlines DC-3, then retraced our route, past the Bridge … Read More


  It was 10:00 p.m. My car, thirsty for petrol, urged me to exit the interstate and find fuel. Just ahead, Kingdom City waited with the tools to fill my tank. And my stomach. Kingdom City isn’t really a city. … Read More

Hope and Change

Canton lured me back for an overnight, where I went to a free show at the college. A young comedian mesmerized the crowd with juggling and jokes, then the juggler asked the young lady sitting next to me to assist … Read More

Driving Wild

Cresting a hill we began our descent, curving and swerving downhill, face to face with vistas through the tall pines and hardwoods. Along this highway at the tips of its gravel spines, springs and waterfalls push to form their own … Read More