Mystery Among Trash

Pumping water out of the ground at 26 gallons a minute, Palm Springs, California, is an oasis in the American desert. And the desert surrounds this oasis like an ocean surrounds a life raft. I hiked out into the desert, … Read More

Pumped In For Your Pleasure

The desert flower waits for months to bloom. Forgive me, great spirit of agua: We rolled into a desert oasis grimy with the soot of snow removal after sliding sideways out of a Flagstaff snowstorm at 7,000 feet. Through a … Read More

Desert Dusk

Sun’s last rays against the Little San Bernardino Mountains, Palm Desert.

Finding Wild

No car. No motorcycle. Not even a mule. The mountain doesn’t care. The sun fled the scene like a burglar, tossing back its last rays into the dusk. Cold crept into the mountain’s desert cusp even faster than darkness. Safety … Read More