Storm Front

A violent squall closed in fast, racing us to Everglades Cut.  This was three weeks before the two young men were lost at sea. But it was a similar storm, intense, thrashing. We donned our Mae West life jackets in … Read More


If your groundhog saw this, you’ll get six more weeks of stuck.  


We arrived in port to see another casualty…

Deep Sixed

Danger lurks everywhere in Paradise. If the ocean doesn’t surprise you, your vessel might.  

12,000 Poles Down: Bootheel Disaster

Downed Power Lines

Long before The Weather Channel began naming continental storms, this one will be remembered as The Ice Storm of ’09. Its widespread devastation covered Missouri’s Bootheel like a glacier. In the two counties that form the heel of the boot, … Read More

Hungry Shoppers

From what I hear, folks enjoy watching Shark Week. I lived it. Snorkeled within pole vault distance of a seven footer as she patrolled the edge of a reef off Fiddle Cay. Photographed a dozen others along the journey. Sand … Read More

Mother Ocean

I’ve seen her angry. Squalls. Tropical storms. A hurricane. Each time is a reminder who’s boss. Sailing from West Palm to Everglades Cut, she reminded me again. Two thirds of the journey, dead calm. The last five hours was a … Read More

Key Ozark

We pulled into Marathon Key. Cuba sat a hundred miles across the water. And we were running out of time. No problem. We found a durable old connection waiting for us like a surprise party. Way down here, where you … Read More

Drive Me Crazy

After days at sea, we reached dry land and hopped in a car. Strange experience, changing from helm to steering wheel. I found myself coaxing other drivers. “C’mon, lil’ Texter, you can move on through that stoplight. It turned green … Read More

Live Like Popeye

Sail into every harbor with goodwill and harmony. Live like Popeye. But you may substitute beer for spinach.