Want fries with that?

Damn…this traffic jam, From Cardiff by the Sea to Palm Desert we glided for the most part in the carpool lanes because most Californians drive a car like they ride a horse: alone. Nowhere is more backed up than the drive-thru line at In N Out Burger. Last night I counted 722 cars in the queue snaking up and down a dozen rows in a Temecula parking lot. Why don’t these people park and walk into the restaurant? Never mind. More room for me at the In.

Better yet, we went to Burger Lounge, best burger this side of Booches. The fries rival Five Guys. The onion rings are homemade.

While the decor conjures “Gen X Meets Jetsons,” the place is clean, unrushed and friendly. That’s refreshing in this texter-tilt world.

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