Pair of Kings

Towering over the Elvis Is Alive Museum, the sixteen-foot plywood Elvis cutout stood resplendent in his high collared jumpsuit and jet-black pompadour, bent toward his interstate fans, holding a microphone to his curled upper lip. As far as plywood Elvis cutouts go, this one rates a five. But a few years ago Elvis left the building. Beeny sold the King’s contents on eBay and turned his highly visible roadside venue into the Calvary Baptist Church and Food Pantry. It’s one giant leap for Bill Beeny, from crap-resistant toilet paper to feeding the hungry. The Brobdingnagian wooden Elvis got a makeover, and now the King carries an old rugged cross in his free hand, so if I squint and use my imagination, one King resembles the Other.

–from Souls Along The Road

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