One of the last little hardware stores in America

Under the only neon sign in downtown Weston, Missouri, is the venerable Sebus Hardware. Your parents remember hardware stores, before the advent of corporate chains. The Sebus claim that “if we don’t have it, you don’t need it” may not sound impressive until you see the store. At first glance the storefront doesn’t look much bigger than the Weston port-o-potty. But send the friendly Sebus brothers on a search for that thingamadoodle you need to finish the job, and they disappear into a labyrinth of aisles and shelves, only to return with your item. It’s a marvel, the Sebus fine art of having it all…and being able to find it. –from Souls Along The Road

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  1. When I moved to Hannibal there was the greatest hardware store downtown. Forget the name but was the best place to get stuff for my house built in 1895. Old guy worked there knew where everything was.

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