Colorful leathers in Santa Fe.

Services Ahead

Next exit. An oasis to behold after traveling through ice and snow and wind. A forest of gasoline signs offered my car the lure to drink deep from a selection of gas pumps not seen since the ‘60s. But the … Read More

Red Sky at Night

It was a good omen on the evening before we set sail from the Bermuda Triangle through the Bahamas and across the Gulf Stream.

Sailing South

We awoke before the roosters crowed, shoving off in the pre-dawn to get a good jump on our journey down the Florida coast, tacking into fair winds, calm waves. That would change.

Live Like Popeye

Sail into every harbor with goodwill and harmony. Live like Popeye. But you may substitute beer for spinach.

Island Time

I choose the bow berth to sleep. And I can be on deck in ten seconds if my helmsman on the midnight watch needs a hand during a squall, or the Coast Guard radios us to heave to. She’s a … Read More

Big Bird. Big River.

A dozen eagles fly and fish around Clarksville. The birds are sparse & spread out amid mild weather. Several telescopes zoom in on clusters of eagles and big nests. But the weather is poised to turn sharply colder. In a … Read More