Down the road from Dottie & Chub’s, Ravanna is an unincorporated area within spittin distance of the Vandyke Conservation Area. It boasts 248 residents, but its most famous product is Martha Jane Cannary. When she was 13, her family moved to Montana. Maybe it was the Big Sky, maybe it was hormones or fate or some damn calamity. Whatever it was, she morphed into Calamity Jane. Traveling through Princeton, I passed Calamity Jane Roadside Park, and parked at the Crossroads Bar & Grill in Princeton. Crossroads gets good marks from folks for miles around. I found out why. It’s a neighborhood bar, with a great selection of beers, and a better selection of characters who call you by name and make you feel at home. Home is the way the food is cooked. I ate a steak and a tiny loaf of bread, and avoided further Calamity. –from A Road Trip Into America’s Hidden Heart

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