It was a good day on the river. Sun thought so, too.

Book Club Gives Valentine to Governor’s Mansion

  On this day, next to the ancient fireplace where generations of Missourians warmed their feet, the Tuesday Club’s gift to the old mansion drew every admiring eye. Over many decades, the needlepoint art that stretched across the old wooden … Read More

Sunrise with Coast Guard Cutter

Our sloop sailed all night across the Bermuda Triangle. At dawn we crossed the Gulf Stream. The cutter radioed us at 6 am, and boarded us a short time later. Professional. Courteous. Welcome. A safety check revealed we had the … Read More


If Walmart is pulling out of small town America, can the Mom ‘n Pop Store come back?

Speech at Governor’s Mansion

I never thought I’d utter these words, as I turned to Cheryl: “What do I wear to a tea?” She dressed me, and offered one command: “Don’t slouch.” At the event I stood before five dozen attendees in the Governor’s … Read More

The Genius of Clemson

Samuel Longhorn Clemson said it: “Our long national championship is over.” Well, it was a football fan, mistaking the ghost of Mark Twain, and replacing his real name with a footballized name, lamenting mighty Clemson’s defeat, and misquoting our most … Read More

Sharp Young Minds

Just spoke to Grant Elementary geography classes, and was reminded that, even on my best day, I’ll never be as sharp as a roomful of fourth graders. We had a blast talking parklands, prairie chickens and preservation.

A Tsunami with Joplin Winds

Scary spectre: “Stronger than Wilma, Katrina, Rita, Andrew. And it could become the strongest hurricane ever on the planet to make landfall when it hits tonight somewhere south of Puerto Vallarta.” Near its path, half a million people live or … Read More

Born in the Shadow

The Earth cast a shadow across its moon the night my daughter’s boy was born. The shadow moon glowed red like a fox bathed in dusk. Children know the moon has a face, the face of a man who, during … Read More


Went ashore. Jumped on a ’63 Schwinn Continental and rode toward the sunset, at turns laughing or lamenting my first 63 years…came back with a bucket list for my next 63, if nothing goes awry…