Storm Front

A violent squall closed in fast, racing us to Everglades Cut.  This was three weeks before the two young men were lost at sea. But it was a similar storm, intense, thrashing. We donned our Mae West life jackets in … Read More


We arrived in port to see another casualty…

Deep Sixed

Danger lurks everywhere in Paradise. If the ocean doesn’t surprise you, your vessel might.  

Hungry Shoppers

From what I hear, folks enjoy watching Shark Week. I lived it. Snorkeled within pole vault distance of a seven footer as she patrolled the edge of a reef off Fiddle Cay. Photographed a dozen others along the journey. Sand … Read More

Mother Ocean

I’ve seen her angry. Squalls. Tropical storms. A hurricane. Each time is a reminder who’s boss. Sailing from West Palm to Everglades Cut, she reminded me again. Two thirds of the journey, dead calm. The last five hours was a … Read More

Key Ozark

We pulled into Marathon Key. Cuba sat a hundred miles across the water. And we were running out of time. No problem. We found a durable old connection waiting for us like a surprise party. Way down here, where you … Read More

Drive Me Crazy

After days at sea, we reached dry land and hopped in a car. Strange experience, changing from helm to steering wheel. I found myself coaxing other drivers. “C’mon, lil’ Texter, you can move on through that stoplight. It turned green … Read More

Live Like Popeye

Sail into every harbor with goodwill and harmony. Live like Popeye. But you may substitute beer for spinach.

Island Time

I choose the bow berth to sleep. And I can be on deck in ten seconds if my helmsman on the midnight watch needs a hand during a squall, or the Coast Guard radios us to heave to. She’s a … Read More

Ancient Island Hopper

Headed toward Key West. I remember the old road. Imagine driving that narrow bridge trying to outrun a hurricane.