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King of the Road

The King of the Road series went dormant after a nice five-year run, and Erifnus and I rode into the sunset.

But lately, I happily agreed to start writing features for the magazine from time to time…just took an assignment to eat a fine meal at The Dancing Bear outside Higginsville…the review will come out sometime in the spring. See my book for another Higginsville restaurant review…oh, and an encounter with the ghost of William Quantrill… at least part of him.

Meantime, Missouri Life’s Holiday issue is out, and it features the above ad, hiding among all the other grand Missouri promotions. So the king rears his ugly head again.

Click images below to read, “Within the Sound of My Voice,” as featured in Missouri Life magazine’s print edition.

[fancy_images width=”112″ height=”160″] Missouri Life Missouri Life Missouri Life Missouri Life [/fancy_images]

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