I Can’t Get These Names to Stick

Graveyard for Naughty English Teachers

Some roads evoke emotion, like the Trail of Tears through Belleview, Boss and Bixby. And some roads evoke wonder, like the Scenic Byway along Crowley’s Ridge.

Traveling every Missouri road, I gave some personal nicknames to a few pathways.

Winding through picturesque hills reminiscent of central Europe, the road into Sam A. Baker State Park becomes Little Swiss Parkway. On the other side of the state, the Route of the Baldknobbers is also the Road to Toad Suck. Highway 19 becomes the Route of the Canoes. Route 14 is the Fox Trotter. Highway 71 from Joplin to KC becomes Bushwhacker Boulevard.

Weary travelers in Montreal, Missouri, can get to Route 44 quicker by taking Laclede County Route BB, the Sleeper Cutoff.

Some routes name themselves: The Tightwad Turnpike. The Blue Eye Byway. The Cooter-Corder Corridor.

But I still don’t have a name for the road from Kansas City to Springfield along Highways 71-7-13. Any ideas?

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