Book Goes National

Got My Camo On

Well, that’s a stretch. Yes, people all over the world can buy it, although a California reader who saw the story about my travels, “One man’s quest to see Missouri, mile by mile” by Tom Uhlenbrock, in USA Today wondered why anybody cares.

I really can’t argue… Not everybody has the good sense to spend whole days crisscrossing county roads for the simple reason that they exist, checking off an alphabet soup of road signs, intent on discovering nothing in particular.

Anyway, USA Today picked the story up from AP, which had picked it up from a story in the Sunday St. Louis Post Dispatch travel section. That was two years ago, and it would have behooved me to get off my ass and finish the book pronto, and take advantage of a tiny bit of national buzz.

Instead, I bobbed and weaved and sailed around the Carribean and rode my bike until somebody stole it, and when I pretty much ran out of fuel and excuses, I sat down and wrote the story.

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