The forest is full of colorful creatures. Some are easy to see. Others blend in behind their creations. I kept walking…


Hang on. In 150 years you’ll look like this. Eventually somebody will come by and admire your grip.

Everything a bird needs.

Stopped at the general store. Noticed some home builders out front, their handiwork hanging on the general store sign. Good work, home builders.

Dogbutt on the City of New Orleans

Dogbutt reminded me about the time we drove to Centralia, Illinois, and jumped aboard the City of New Orleans, headed south. At Memphis, a fraternity joined the trip and settled in the club car for a night of partyin’ and … Read More

Save the Planet

These regal creatures once numbered a billion, back when Edgar Winter first sang “Save the Planet.” Now their numbers are down to 30 million. Damn, Edgar, is anybody listening? Down in the Mexico forest where the Monarchs winter, a recent … Read More

Highways Tell Stories.

A highway’s back may be black, brown or tan, red, white or blue. We name them after saints and music and Mother. A highway’s makeup may be heavily applied and easy to see, or it may be worn thin. Her … Read More

Pit Stop in the Past

We took the exit. As we got closer to the sign, we could see it clearly: Sorry. No gas here today.

The Marshfield Tornado

One catastrophic event affected 16-year-old John Boone so deeply he recounted the vivid story in nearly every concert until he died. Around suppertime on Sunday, April 18, 1880, a tornado with winds topping 200 miles per hour leveled much of … Read More


“If anything is good for pounding humility into you permanently, it’s the restaurant business.” –quote from Anthony Bourdain posted on the playful–and appetizing–FB page for Pho Keene Great, a delightful new cuisine Vietnamienne restaurant in Keene, NH.