Turquoise, Green Chiles and the U.S. Treasury

Gallup, New Mexico. Stopped at Jerry’s Cafe for the chiles, specifically New Mexico hatch chiles rellenos. We slid into a cozy two-top booth across the aisle from a spittin’ image for Treasury Secretary Stephen Mnuchin. No shit. Doppelganger. I didn’t say anything to the poor guy for obvious reasons of decorum and decency. We ordered our chiles with refried beans and rice, then the local Native American merchants paraded past our table offering their handcrafted wares. Silver bracelets. Turquoise drops. We bought and bought until we ran out of cash. Clutching a silver ring with a turquoise setting, I leaned over to ask Mr. Mnuchin if I could borrow fifty bucks from the U.S. Treasury. He smiled like a Cheshire cat.

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