Burma Shavings

It was about as far back as my memory goes, back when I was practicing my phonics on Burma Shave signs. My family unit rolled out of Rolla, leaving Route 66 in our rearview mirror, headed for the springs. Our … Read More


The forest is full of colorful creatures. Some are easy to see. Others blend in behind their creations. I kept walking…

Everything a bird needs.

Stopped at the general store. Noticed some home builders out front, their handiwork hanging on the general store sign. Good work, home builders.

If E Could Talk

I climbed up and took a nap beneath the T on this sign, sharing space with the ghosts of travelers who stopped here long ago to add a sticky chapter to their Route 66 journey. Locals too. And Spring breakers … Read More

Hiding in Plain Sight

Stare at this picture. Soon, a sign will appear. When you see it, share with all the bucks and turkeys on Facebook.


Glad they saved this old relic. Food was good, too.

Tread Lightly

I slowed. What could this be? The sign was at the end of a seldom-traveled blacktop…no reason to use caution, out here on the edge of a thick stand of trees that marked the fringe of a mountain forest. Maybe … Read More