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Should’ve planned it better. Some exotic background like Mt. Rushmore or the Golden Gate Bridge. It sneaked up on us as we left the city limits, so we pulled off I-70 and into a parking lot, where I made Erifnus Caitnop turn in circles until she reached a milestone. 300,000 miles. It was an insensitive thing to do to an old horse who has served so well. But I wanted photos, and not on the shoulder of I-70. During our short celebratory detour, I-70 had backed to a standstill. So Erifnus did what she does best: Hit the backroads. Blacktops to Millersburg through Mark Twain’s deep forest past Tonanzio’s tables where in a different millenium we feasted like Bacchus, past white-fenced horse farms, along the river that led us past Dan’l Boone’s grave and a dozen vineyards to our destination. Come to think of it, we got a good start on 400,000.

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