You’re Fired

The one on the left smoked corn cob pipes from Washington, Missouri. The one on the right would be 135 years old tomorrow. Give ’em Hell, Harry.

Ride with the Devil

In new Pattonsburg’s Old Memories Café I found the best blue plate special this side of the senior center. In that café I found something else: murals commemorating Ride with the Devil, painted by Elanor McMahall. The murals are vivid … Read More

Everything a bird needs.

Stopped at the general store. Noticed some home builders out front, their handiwork hanging on the general store sign. Good work, home builders.


“If anything is good for pounding humility into you permanently, it’s the restaurant business.” –quote from Anthony Bourdain posted on the playful–and appetizing–FB page for Pho Keene Great, a delightful new cuisine Vietnamienne restaurant in Keene, NH.

Connie, the KC Cutie

Connie stays across the river from downtown Kansas City at the old municipal airport. She’s known more formally as a Lockheed Constellation, the airline workhorse of the 1950s. If you saw her, you’d instantly recognize the plane, with her curvy … Read More

Ava is a palindrome. It looks the same coming from any direction. The water tower sits atop a hill off the center of town, shouting “Ava Bears” from its steel sides. This garden spot in the middle of the Mark … Read More