Snowed in.

Earthquake? Maybe later. This morning Southern California was snowed in. Mountain passes closed. Snowing in Las Vegas, Phoenix, Scottsdale and Tucson. 40 inches of snow in Flagstaff.  bb-sized hail in Temecula (on blanket).

Desert Dusk

Sun’s last rays against the Little San Bernardino Mountains, Palm Desert.

Shadowy Grip

No matter where our structures stand, nature’s hand is ready to pull them back.

Finding Wild

No car. No motorcycle. Not even a mule. The mountain doesn’t care. The sun fled the scene like a burglar, tossing back its last rays into the dusk. Cold crept into the mountain’s desert cusp even faster than darkness. Safety … Read More

When the Big Wave Washes Us Away

It was a windy day, like today. As I sit in my sun room and watch gale force winds sweep dead leaves from the trees, I think back to another wind that took a close friend. The grand roster of … Read More

Outhouse Robinson

7th grade art class. My teacher, Bessie Fredericks, asked us to create our own nametags using picture symbols to tell our names. I drew an outhouse (John), a robin (robin) and the sun (son). Bessie was fearsome even when calm. … Read More

Run Aground

Nearing the end of a grueling day at sea, I crawled into a lifeboat to rest, and must’ve lost consciousness, fell asleep near some treacherous shoals. When I awoke, the ocean had flung the boat onto shore. Oh well, they … Read More

Tough Skins

    Mountain men  told wild stories to young Kit Carson along the Rio Grande River, stories Kit repeated around campfires to wide-eyed pilgrims on the Santa Fe Trail. This bronze depiction of mountain men in a buffalo skin canoe … Read More