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Shuckin' Hostess

Hillbillies, Hay Bellies and Hostess Twinkies


It was a dream. A nightmare. When I was a kid, I don’t remember seeing any over-sized hillbillies. Hill folk worked hard to squeeze a living from rocky soil. They were rugged, independent, self-sustaining people. Skinny, mostly, but healthy. They consumed their corn through whiskey and pone. But in my dream, the descendants of these backwoods survivors strayed into the …

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Breakfast of Champions

Raising Money for Highways


State highway departments are running out of money. One potential source of funding borrows from a local government trick that’s been paying big dividends for decades: Naming rights for sports stadiums and bowl games. You know, the Edward D. Jones Dome. The Tostitos Fiesta Bowl. So why not sell highway naming rights to the highest bidder? States would get roadbuilding …

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