Connie, the KC Cutie

Connie stays across the river from downtown Kansas City at the old municipal airport. She’s known more formally as a Lockheed Constellation, the airline workhorse of the 1950s. If you saw her, you’d instantly recognize the plane, with her curvy … Read More

Ava is a palindrome. It looks the same coming from any direction. The water tower sits atop a hill off the center of town, shouting “Ava Bears” from its steel sides. This garden spot in the middle of the Mark … Read More

Putting Your Best Foot Forward

Along Highway 13, I found The Shrine of Our Lady of the Two Ugly Utility Poles Standing Side by Side in Our Front Yard. That’s my name for it anyway. It’s the world’s best attempt to divert your attention from … Read More

Outlaws need pants.

Just south of Lawson, in the pastoral countryside, a huge factory, built more than 150 years ago, made pants and sweaters. The factory may have sold pants and sweaters to Harry Truman, who sold pants and sweaters when he was … Read More

Race Car Circus on I-70

Sunday night. 7:40 pm. I-70 eastbound. Darkness had set in as we approached the Boonville exits. Two giant 18-wheelers grew rapidly in my rearview mirror. They looked like prairie cruise ships, each outlined in ten thousand tiny amber lighbulbs. Even … Read More

Tornado Season

Tucked in the rolling hills of Missouri’s smallest county, a sign recalls a vibrant little town.

Devils and Elbows

I found a hideaway. When I rolled to its door, a thundershower was beating down on the low slung structure made mostly of logs with mud chinks, its back wall standing just a couple of feet above the swollen Big … Read More

If E Could Talk

I climbed up and took a nap beneath the T on this sign, sharing space with the ghosts of travelers who stopped here long ago to add a sticky chapter to their Route 66 journey. Locals too. And Spring breakers … Read More

Best Show This Side of the Bolshoi

It’s not just the prairie chickens. Yeah, they dance big. But so do the prairie grasses, whose roots run deep in this community. And the prairie flowers, whose seeds can survive wildfire. The prairie is a salad bowl for buffalo, … Read More

Hiding in Plain Sight

Stare at this picture. Soon, a sign will appear. When you see it, share with all the bucks and turkeys on Facebook.