Island Time

I choose the bow berth to sleep. And I can be on deck in ten seconds if my helmsman on the midnight watch needs a hand during a squall, or the Coast Guard radios us to heave to. She’s a … Read More

Ancient Island Hopper

Headed toward Key West. I remember the old road. Imagine driving that narrow bridge trying to outrun a hurricane.

Seven Mile Bridge

This old bridge goes forth for miles and backward to 1909. Bet it has seen some winds. Most recently Hurricane Irma. The new bridge is a more comfortable, less romantic way to be tossed into oblivion by storms. Marathon Key. … Read More

Master Steeplejack

Man climbs mast to chase rainbows, rearrange clouds.               Good job, man.

To learn the value of a culture, check their barbecue.

The credit card machine kept disconnecting. I didn’t have cash, or my checkbook. “No problem,” said Perry Foster, “mail me a check.” Perry Foster’s Bar-B-Que embodied all that is good about humankind: Trust and harmony and world peace. Oh, and … Read More

Drive in movie

In the darkness, I followed a silver Suburban for two hours. Visible through its back window was a video screen playing to backseat passengers, so as I drove along Route 60 to Springfield, I watched Finding Nemo on a small-screen … Read More


My ride and me, we never used a GPS. No compass. No MapQuest. We abstained from sextants. For the first third of this journey, a state highway map was our only guide. Deeper into our drive, untraveled roads became harder … Read More

Winter Water

Winter Campfire Coffee

The air was cold, a few degrees above freezing. A north wind tried to aggravate us, but Cora blocked its best gusts. Cora is the island on our port side. We’d survived the toughest part of the trip: launching a … Read More

Locked Out Again

Locked Out Again

Connie stays across the river from downtown Kansas City at the old municipal airport. She’s known more formally as a Lockheed Constellation, the airline workhorse of the 1950s. If you saw her, you’d instantly recognize the plane, with her curvy … Read More

Big Bird. Big River.

A dozen eagles fly and fish around Clarksville. The birds are sparse & spread out amid mild weather. Several telescopes zoom in on clusters of eagles and big nests. But the weather is poised to turn sharply colder. In a … Read More